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Design Your Own Ring

Design your own ring to create an engagement or wedding ring that is a one of a kind. Why settle for a mass produced ring that someone else may own? The ring is a symbol of your partnership, which is completely unique. Your ring can be too!

When I started looking at rings I had a really tough time because I'm very picky about jewelry. Just like I didn't want a "cookie cutter" style wedding I didn't want a cookie cutter style ring either. I wanted something unique but thought it would be expensive or complicated to have something made. I was wrong!

design your own ring sketch Having a ring made from scratch based on my design cost just the same as buying a ring retail and it was a simple process. First, I drew out a sketch of what I wanted. It doesn't have to be a good drawing, just enough to get the process started. I also pulled out magazine photos of rings I liked aspects of and then went to the store.

The rep at the store I went to (it was just a traditional ring store that did customs, many places do this, get a recommendation for your area) worked with me to work out exactly what I wanted. Even showed me different sized diamonds and what they'd look like next to each other so I could visualize the design better.

wax design your own ringA week later, I went back in and they had a wax cast of my ring ready for me to look at. It didn't have the stones and was made of wax, but this helped see the overall design and size. If you design your own ring be sure to ask if they let you approve a wax cast first.

Next, they showed me many different diamonds in the sizes that would fit the ring. All different ratings. This is very important and a must if you plan to design your own ring. A diamond with a technically lower rating might look prettier and sparkle more than a higher rating one. It is important to pick them out in person to see what you are getting.

design own ringAbout four weeks later, my ring was completely finished! I love telling people I designed it myself and I love knowing that nobody else has this exact ring. (Note: the ring, wax cast and sketch in this article are not my own ring, they are photos from a friend who got hers made the same way, thanks for sharing, Em!)

So just like you as a couple are completely unique, your ring can be too! By the way, if you are wanting a designed engagement ring but don't want to be part of the ordering process and want it to be a surprise, then simply draw up some plans and give them to your marriage partner to be! They can take the drawing in and have a ring custom made at a later date and you'll still be completely surprised.

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