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Tips and Ideas for Picking Out Your Daughter and Father Wedding Song

Many wedding receptions include a daughter and father wedding dance song where the bride and her father dance together. This takes place anywhere in the reception, but it is most common at the beginning of dancing. Not as common, but getting more and more popular is the mother and groom wedding song where the groom and his mother dance. This can be a separate song or the same song since many songs work for both.

Make certain the song you choose is slow enough to slow dance to or fast enough to fast dance to. There are many wonderful songs out there that unfortunately are not right for dancing to and you end up looking ackward on the dancefloor.

An instrumental song (or an instrumental version of a song you love) is also a nice option if you can't find the perfect song with lyrics. Sometimes, instrumental songs (especially if done by a live band) is classier and more formal than a version with lyrics.

The daughter and father wedding song is a time to show that you are taking the time to acknowledge and dance with those you love. It is a special moment between you two, and in all reality, that is the only thing that matters.

Don't be afraid to pick out a non-traditional song as your daughter and father wedding song. There is no reason why you can't dance to a silly song he sang to you as a child, if that is a meaningful song for the two of you.

A few non-traditional daughter and father wedding songs that I've seen at weddings were the "Sesame Street Theme Song", "You're Special" (from Mister Rogers Neighborhood) and "Puff the Magic Dragon." All of these held special meaning between the bride and her father, so they were the perfect songs for them.

Go here to our daughter and father wedding dance song list to help you pick out a song.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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