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Custom Stamps For Your Wedding

Decorate Favors, Invites, Programs and More With Custom Wedding Stamps!

You can have custom stamps made of your names, date and any other symbols you'd like for your wedding for pretty cheap! Stamps are a great way to label and decorate many elements of your do it yourself wedding. One of the greatest things about creating custom stamps is that nobody will have your stamp! It will be one of a kind & you'll have it long after your wedding.

Custom stamps can be used to decorate favor boxes, invites, envelopes, programs, napkins, fabric and more! You can simply create stamps out of your names & wedding date, or you can choose symbols or designs to use. Flowers, plants, suns, moons, stars, religious symbols, animals, etc are all examples of designs you could choose.

Custom Stamp, Favor Box

If you are skilled at drawing, it would be great to create your own unique custom symbols to use for your wedding! If not, the Dover Pictorial Archive series of books can be a great resource. You may use up to ten images in a single piece of work without permission if you purchase one of the books. The images in these books are perfect for creating stamps out of.

homemade wedding program

Instructions for Ordering Custom Stamps

The stamps are ordered from Ready Stamps by sending them a 9" x 7" black and white sheet of artwork that you want turned into stamps. You can fit a lot of stamps on this 9" x 7" sheet! Do NOT use copyrighted material, only your own designs and/or designs from resources such as the Dover Pictorial series. Choose designs that are clear and sharp and avoid very thin lines. The cost is $32.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

custom stamps

For more information, including an order form you can print out, this site has lots of informations about ordering these custom stamps. Keep in mind, this site is focused on using the stamps with Polymer Clay, so a lot of it doesn’t apply if you will be just using the stamp with ink.

By the way, Ready Stamps is a business run by the United Cerebral Palsy Association, so by supporting them you are supporting a good cause!

Have fun with your custom stamps, there are many ways to use them in your do it yourself wedding!

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