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Confetti (Almond) Favors and almond poem

by Jenny
(Miramar, FL)

Wedding Favor

Wedding Favor

We didn't want to just put wedding almonds in a favor box and so I was looking for something unique. One Sunday, I happen to be looking through my Nonna's china hutch and saw this flower made out of ribbon. She explained that she'd had that forever and that it was very common in Italy to present it as the favor or favor enhancer. Alas, I had discovered something that was totally unique. Once I found out what they were called it wasn't really hard to find .. well, online anyway. These ribbons are called coccarde (ko-car-de) and I found them on several sites but I found the one with more of a ribbon selection was I bought the loop edge ribbon on $35 for 95 favors (only .37 cents.. cheaper than any box I had seen), I purchase a few other items plus the personalized favor ribbons to dress it up. They were so helpful and even sent me a poem about the 5 almond tradition ... "Jordan Almonds for Thee Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat
To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife -
Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life"!

These took some time but were pretty easy to do. You'll need the ribbon (cost - $35), almonds (cost - $8.99 lb), Personalized ribbon (cost - $44 for 100), silk/organza flower (cost - $20). The total cost per favor? $1.30! I used some pearl accents too but you don't have too and it was more work so it may not be for you. The total cost came to $1.50 with the pearl accents.

TIP: I would cut and prepare each piece separately for assembly.

1. Cut 1 ribbon to measure 5 fillable petals to use as a template and when you're done cutting them, fill the template one with the almonds by laying it flat and slowly pulling on the threading on either end to tie between the petals (so the knot won't show from either side). TIP:The excess threading should be knotted a couple of times and then snipped off.

2. Try to create one exactly how you want it to look, then either disassemble to use the enhancement ribbons as a template (if you're using another ribbon other than the personalized ribbon).
3. Cut your personalized ribbon and then glue them so that they can just be glued on the favor (grab the name side in your left hand and throw the date end up and to the left so that the date side ends up on the right side glue them where the ribbons meet and then bring that loop in towards the glued point and turn it inwards towards the glued point and dab another bit of glue to hold it in place... viola you have a bow). You might have to do this a couple of times before getting it to look the way you want it to but you'll get it.

3. Place a dab of glue in the middle of the bow where you want to attach the flower or charm and your done.

It's a little involved but so worth it! I was so proud of myself for creating something so unique and really lovely with a total cost of $1.30.

Oh and I almost forgot... I used the poem too .. I bought parchment paper, cut it with a squiqqly edged scissor, rolled them up and added them to the back of the confetti favor by tying the left over ribbons threading on either end around the poem into a bow. Congrats and good luck with your favor idea!

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Copyright© 2004-2009 by Amber Dusick. All rights reserved.