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Cheap Wedding Shoes

Are you wondering why you should spend a chunk of money on wedding shoes that you'll never wear again and that will be covered up by your dress? There are a number of ways you can save money and find cheap wedding shoes!

Wedding shoes are one of the least noticed but also one of the most important parts of your bridal attire. Do you remember the bride's wedding shoes at the last few weddings you've been to? No? Most of the time, the shoes are completely hidden behind the wedding dress anyway, and nobody sees them. However, wedding shoes are still incredibly important because they'll add height if you want heels and they must be comfortable enough to spend several hours in, especially if you plan to dance!

Tips to Finding Your Perfect Cheap Wedding Shoes

Fall in love with an expensive pair with rhinestones on it? Buy a plain pair and decorate your own wedding shoes! Get ideas to Decorate Your Own Cheap Wedding Shoes with rhinestones, ribbon and jewelry. Here is a great tutorial to decorate wedding shoes with rhinestones easily!

shoes earring clips

Stay away from anything labeled "wedding shoes" or "bridal shoes" because this usually means they'll cost more money. You can often find beautiful white leather, metallic silver and gold shoes that aren't "wedding" but just normal shoes. These every day shoes are often of better quality, more comfortable and cheaper too! White is easier to find in summer while the metallics are usually around before the holidays in winter.

Did you find the perfect, most comfortable shoes but they are the wrong color? You can take regular "everyday" shoes and turning them metallic silver or metallic gold. You can turn a cheap pair into dazzling silver wedding shoes! Here are the DIY Cheap Wedding Shoes in Silver or Gold instructions, and how-to tutorial for spray painting shoes!

If you have the time to search for your size, used is a fabulous way to go, after all, many brides are willing to sell their shoes since they'll never wear them again. Check eBay, thrift stores, etc. Some great cheap wedding shoes are begging to be found.

If you are lucky enough to be planning far enough in advance, you can benefit from early shopping. Don't buy bridal sandals when all the other summer brides are, look for summer sandals in fall when they'll likely be on clearance.

If all else fails but you still want to budget wisely, purchase dyeable white wedding shoes and then dye them another color after the wedding. Even white satin shoes can be dyed black, which you'll be so much more likely to wear again.

When wedding shoes shopping, keep in mind that comfort should be number one on your list, unless you are planning on having a back up pair for dancing. A great back up pair is to wear wedding flip flops because they are cheap and comfy. Wedding flip flops are also a great choice for a beach wedding. Or go barefoot!

Once you find your wedding shoes, be sure to break them in and practice being comfortable walking in them around your house. You also might want to lightly sandpaper the bottom of your shoes if they have no traction, this will help prevent slips on slick surfaces. Always take them to any dress alteration appointments, because the length of your dress is determined by how much of a heel they have.

Don't be bound by "normal" either. No rules saying you can't wear sparkling ruby red slippers on your wedding day if that is what you want! Good luck finding your perfect cheap wedding shoes!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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