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Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas - So Easy They Don't Need Instructions!

These do it yourself cheap wedding centerpiece ideas are so simple they don't need instructions! You'll wish you would have thought of these sooner. These are so simple that once you see the photos and read the ideas you'll soon realize that doing your own table decorations at your wedding reception just might not be too difficult afterall. Get inspired! Tons of photos too, just scroll down:

Mix & Match - Buy mix-matched glasses and vases from 99cents store or other thrift stores for a colorful, feminine look. If you arrange them in bunches in the center of tables it will look casual and uniqie.

Even drinking glasses or a water pitcher could be used as vases in an arrangement and hold single stems of flowers. An assortment of non-matching vases or glasses looks wonderful with bunches of colorful wildflowers. This is perfect for a spring or summer wedding, and the results are sophisticated looking yet it is still a cheap wedding centerpiece.

pitcher cheap centerpiece

Decorate Inside Vases - Use decorative colored glass inside your centerpiece vases with flowers, or alone with floating candles. Colored glass is a way to round out a cheap wedding centerpiece and give it extra oomph. Other alternatives are pebbles, rocks, sand and even fruits. Here are examples of Cheap Fruit Centerpieces that use lemons inside the vases. Even aquarium pebbles, purchased in bulk could give amazing pops of color.

Go Minimalist - A few flowers in colorful vases is very eye catching, cheap and easy to do yourself. This creates a lovely and crisp clean style, almost minimalist. How about single Gerbera daisies in colorful vases? (Check Ikea for similar wavy vases)

Be Unusual, No Flowers - Think outside the flowers and use something completely unusual as a wedding centerpiece, like peacock feathers, sculptures, stuffed animals, carved wooden tiki figures, seashells, stacks of leather bound books or a cheese fondue pot. Here is a toilet paper roll & tree branch centerpiece that is amazing! No really.

Non-Flowering Plants - Use clear glass vases with lucky bamboo. Or how about tree branches or ornamental grasses? Something fresh and green is beautiful - you can have pops of color elsewhere.

bamboo centerpiece wedding

Candles - Using an assortment of candles is also beautiful and functional centerpiece. Here are Cheap Candle Centerpiece Ideas for you to browse.

candle centerpiece

Water & Food Coloring - Use shallow glass bowls filled with floating flowers and/or floating candles. You can also put a few drops of food coloring in the water of the bowl - very pretty. Just a few floating flowers in a bowl is enough.

Mason Jars - Mason jars are very cheap and with a little dressing up can be lovely vases! Go to our Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Idea: Tissue Paper Mason Jars project page for full instructions and more photos! Not to mention you can cover your jars with sticks. Or check out all of these other DIY vase projects that keep your budget in mind.

mason jar centerpiece

Use Food - Food is a lovely centerpiece and does double duty as an appetizer! Assorted fruits arranged and cut in half to show their beautiful insides (kiwi, pomegranate, star fruit and citrus are great options) is a super cheap wedding centerpiece idea!

food centerpiece

Of course, you don't have to keep your centerpieces edible, here are lovely asparagus centerpieces that are so beautiful you'll never look at vegetables the same!

vegetable centerpiece

Seasonal Theme - Pumpkin, dried leaves, bunches of wheat, gourds & sunflowers are great for a fall harvest theme. No arranging is really necessary, simply scatter these items in the center of the table and you'll create a rustic looking cheap wedding centerpiece instantly!

sunflower pepper

Spray Paint - Yes, spray paint. Use silver spray paint and spray pine cones metallic silver and scatter on tables with white tulle or organza and white stringed lights for a winter theme. Interesting looking branches or driftwood also works nicely as a centerpiece and best of all they are free!

Dried - Try using paper flowers, silk flowers or even dried flower centerpieces! Dry your own flowers from your own garden!

Good Ole Rose Petals & Candles - Simply sprinkle rose petals on the table with candles for a romantic look. This is perhaps the most cheap wedding centerpiece idea yet! I'm sure you've seen some variation of this somewhere, lots of people use mirrors as well to reflect the candlelight.

So you see, if you open your mind to possibilities other than huge, elaborate flower centerpieces you can save a ton of money (and time!) by choosing do it yourself cheap wedding centerpieces. Look around you for free stuff such as pine cones, branches and flowers from your own garden. Hit the thrift and discount stores for ideas. You might even have luck from a hardware store, who knows! The options are endless and you are sure to save money with a little creativity.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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