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Cheap Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Soap & Heartfelt Card

A cheap bridesmaid gift doesn't have to be worthless! It doesn't have to be a plastic bauble that they'll never actually use. It doesn't have to be engraved. If you are on a budget then your bridesmaid will know, right? They aren't expecting anything extravagant. They are just expecting something from your heart.

cheap bridesmaid gift

Soap. Really yummy expensive soap. Now when I say "expensive" I mean a few dollars a bar. So inexpensive in the scheme of things, but pretty fancy soap. Mine in the image above are huge and were originally $7 a bar but were on sale for $3 a bar at Cost Plus World Market. Pick out scents that you know your friends will love.

The main part of this cheap bridesmaid gift though is the card that the soap is attached to. In each card write a heartfelt letter. Write about first meeting them, about your best and worst times and silliest memories. Most importantly, tell them how much they mean to you and how much their friendship means to you. Don't blab on and on about you wedding, simply focus on them and how happy you are that they are part of your "tribe" at this big change in your life. Be funny. Be sincere. Hopefully, your letter will make them cry.

To add to this gift, you could include an invitation to a "spa" day at your place. An old school girly makeover night or something cheesy like that. Or simply make a joke and tell them the soap is to make sure they "clean up for the wedding" if that fits your sense of humor...and theirs.

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