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Wedding Table Charger Plate Ideas and Wedding Plate Charger Instructions

If you are looking for unusual wedding reception table decorations, consider creating charger plates. A plate charger is a decorative plate that goes underneath the dinner plate, almost like a small, circular placemat. The charger plate stays on the table through the whole meal, the plates for each course are put on the decorative charger.

Creating these yourself is a very affordable way to dress up the table without spending much money. Purchasing actual plates for this purpose is not in the budget of most people, so "do-it-yourself" versions are a smart choice.

If you do not have the time to create plate chargers for each guest, consider creating them for under the centerpiece of the table only, under buffet items, under a guest book table, cocktail tables or under a program table.

main leaf charger

Fall Leaves Plate Charger Instructions

Plate chargers using leaves are great for a natural and soft look to a wedding table. As a variation of the above project, consider using green leaves in spring or summer, or spray paint leaves silver in winter. Silk flowers and silk leaves can also be used for the charger plates and will last even longer and open up color options. For more photos and detailed instructions, click the above photo or link.

main marble charger

Glass Marble Winter Charger Plate Instructions

This charger plate project created with cardboard and flat glass marbles are beautiful for winter weddings. The sparkly, iridescent, flat glass marbles look like drops of ice and reflect all the surrounding colors. Use other colors of marbles for weddings in other seasons, you could even alternate colors! Complete instructions and more photos can be found for this marble project by clicking the image or link above.

main cork charger

Wine Cork Plate Charger Instructions

If you are a wine lover or having a wine wedding theme, then this is the perfect plate charger for you! I love the rustic look of these wine cork chargers. If you don't have a giant stockpile of wine corks like I do (we are BIG wine drinkers) you can often purchase lots of these on eBay or just create charger plates for the table centerpieces. For complete instructions and photos, click on the photo or link above.

main ribbon charger

Once you start thinking about plate chargers and your individual wedding theme, you'll come up with a number of great ideas!

Here are even more ideas:

- Bunched-up ribbon (as in photo above)
- Shells for a beach wedding theme
- Pine cones (spray paint them silver or gold too!)
- Candy canes for a Christmas Wedding
- Assorted hard candy in clear wrappers
- Smooth pepples, stones or rocks
- Sticks, branches, twigs
- Silk flowers and/or leaves
- Tiny toys, sequins, rhinestones and on and on!

Have fun creating your wedding plate chargers!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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