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DIY Calla Lily Centerpiece Ideas

A calla lily centerpiece is very low maintenence, which is why so many brides choose this flower to work with for their weddings. Especially if they are handling the flowers themselves! These flowers last a long time and are very sturdy and adaptable. They are what I call "flowers that arrange themselves" based on their shape and large size. You only need a few of them to create a powerful arrangement so there is less you have to actually do.

calla lily centerpiece

I have outlined proper care tips below and this will help make your arrangements last as long as possible. Generally, it is wise to create your arrangements no longer than two days before your wedding. Below are some more easy do it yourself ideas!

More simple and stress-free calla lily centerpiece ideas:

do it yourself calla lily bouquet

The flowers shown in my photos are all the large white variety, however they do come in other colors, though they are generally smaller. The same instructions apply for the various varieties of these flowers, they will all need to be prepped and stored the same way.

To Prep: Don't skip these important steps! When you first get them, cut off the bottom of each stem at an angle, about a half inch from the bottom and set them all in an inch or two of water. This will give them a nice drink and revive them and prepare them for arranging. This is especially important if they have been shipped to you and have been out of water for quite some time. If your stems are quite long they will tend to bend and warp. You can wrap paper around them (avoid newspaper for white ones, the inks may rub off on your flowers!) to help support them.

calla lily centerpieces calla lily wedding centerpiece

If you are on a tight budget then the good news is that a calla lily centerpiece made by just placing a single flower in a grouping of recycled bottles can be elegant and stunning! They are such large and impressive flowers that the simplicity of this is actually quite dramatic. Not to mention cheap.

If you are planning on using flowers in bottles like in the image above, do not store them this way. Store them instead in a tall bucket with a couple inches of water so the whole stem has support. Never put the entire stem in water either. Then once at your venue, put them in the shorter vases.

cheap calla lily centerpiece diy calla lily centerpiece

Using simple groupings of recycled bottles might be something you could decorate overlooked corners of your reception area with. Like the bathroom counters, for example. Super cheap and yet it adds that little extra detail.

calla lily wedding flowers calla lily for centerpieces

To easily arrange them in a larger vase, simply cut the stems at slightly varying lengths so they fill the space. Because of their unusual shape, they really do shift around and arrange themselves! Of course, if more control is what you are after, you can use the tying method that I show on the DIY Calla Lily Bouquet page.

To Store: Perhaps the most important part is the storing of your flowers in between the time that you receive them and your wedding day. Always, always store your calla lily centerpiece out of direct sunlight and away from heat because these two things more than anything else will ruin your flowers pretty fast. You do not have to keep them in the fridge, a cooler darker room will do and away from curious pets of course. I've heard a disaster story about that once or twice! Always make sure they are standing in an inch or two of clean water. Do not fill up the entire vase or storage bucket though, soaking the stems all the way up in water can weaken and soften them into mush. Make sure longer stems are supported! Once cut they do lose some strength and can't stand up on their own for too long.

I've never added anything to my storage water for these flowers and they usually last 3-4 days quite beautifully. After that, they will start to look old and wrinkly. Always do a test first! Get a few and prepare and arrange them just like you are planning to and store them just like you are planning to and then see how long they last. This will help you smooth out any potential problems. Things like realizing your arrangements are too tall to fit in your car for example! Iron out these details first and you will be well prepared in the days before your wedding!

Have fun with your calla lily centerpiece making! They are beautiful, neutral flowers and can compliment almost any style, you can't go wrong with this type of flower.

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