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How to Make a Calla Lily Bouquet

The beauty of making your own calla lily bouquet is that these are flowers that I call ones that "arrange themselves" more or less. Because of their shape, you pretty much can't go wrong and they will look wonderful no matter how inexperienced you are with flowers.

diy calla lily bouquet

I love these flowers in particular for the same reason that so many people do, especially brides who want to tackle their own floral arrangments. They last forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but they last a long time compared to many other flowers as long as you follow proper care of them which I outline for you in the instructions below.

Instructions for how to make a calla lily bouquet:

do it yourself calla lily bouquet

I used the classic large white ones for my example in the photos because these are what are growing in my yard! The same instructions will apply to the colored smaller varieties. I used only eight flowers for my bouquet, which is the nice thing about using the large ones. You don't need a lot!

The first thing you'll need to do when you get your calla lily bouquet flowers is to prep them by giving them a drink of water. Cut off about a half inch from the bottom of each stem at an angle and place them in water for a few hours, out of sunlight. Do this before you start arranging them, unless of course you are picking them from your garden, in which case it doesn't matter. Just put them in an inch or two of water, do not soak the entire stems. It is very important to always keep your flowers away from sunlight and heat! Sun and heat will absolutely ruin them.

The reason you must cut the ends before giving them a drink is because these flowers "heal themselves" after they have been cut and out of water, meaning the end of the stem forms sort of a scab on the bottom which it can no longer drink through. You need to make a fresh cut to allow the water to get pulled up.

make wedding wreath calla lily bouquet instructions

To arrange, I simply started with two, with the points facing away from each other and then added two more with the points facing away from each other also.

making a bouquet calla lily bouquet making

At this point, with just four, I gently tied a bit of string around my stems so they wouldn't shift as I added the next layer of flowers. The second "tier" of flowers I added a bit lower than the first four, creating a subtle rounded shape the the bouquet.

ribbon on bouquet pin on bouquet

Once I was happy with the general shape, I started wrapping the stems in a decorative ribbon. This not only holds them together firmly and gives support but it also is where you will hold onto your flowers. I used a pin (shown in red so you can see it!) to secure the end of the ribbon into the stems, but you could also just tie it off.

calla lily bouquet making storing calla lily bouquet

The last thing to do it to trim up your ends so they are all nice and even and again, cut them at a slight angle. Place your bouquet in a couple inches of water and always check on it several times a day to make sure it always has some as they will suck up a lot in dry conditions. It is best to use a tall vase for storage if possible to give the whole thing support, this will avoid any warping or drooping. Still though, only use an inch or two of water, never put the entire stem in water.

calla lily bouquet wedding calla lily wedding bouquet

These last two photos above (with the blue background) of my calla lily bouquet were taken three days after I did this tutorial. I stored them in a darker room downstairs where it is generally cooler and out of direct sunlight. I also made sure to check on them daily, adding water when needed. I didn't add anything to the water. They still look great! By the fifth day, they had started to look a little wrinkly and wilted, so I'd suggest shooting for doing your flowers two days prior to your wedding.

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