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Creative and Simple Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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Time for bridesmaid gift ideas! Ok. Time to take a break from focusing on the wedding dress and food and flowers...and celebrate good friends for a little while. Your bridesmaids deserve a little attention too! Take a few minutes to pick special gifts for them so they can remember this time with you.

If you need to do something creative to help you relax, one of these bridesmaid gift ideas might be the perfect thing:
  • Go to the craft store and find a variety of items that you can personalize with paints or markers. Start by putting a giant version of each girl's initial on a nice sized wooden or cardboard box or a tote bag. Then fill the bag or box with other fun stuff like: t-shirts with "bridesmaid" or their name, flip-flops decorated with ribbon or miniatures and a small circle with their initial glued right on top of the toe strap, purse organizers, bandanas, and anything else you can find to personalize.

  • Put together a photo album for each bridesmaid with pictures of the two of you growing up or in college, the bachelorette party, or group pictures of your friends.

  • Go out shopping for little things to put in gift baskets. You could do a foot pampering theme, kitchen accessories (if they have their own homes), chocolate everything or a personalized selection of fun stuff for each girl. You can find more homemade gift basket ideas here.

  • Design a set of personalized homemade stationary on your computer for each bridesmaid.

  • Spend a day (or more!) at a pottery shop where you can paint each bridesmaid their very own masterpiece - a picture frame, mug, plate, vase, etc.

  • Buy an assortment of miniature candy bars or your other favorite sweet treat. Hot glue each one to the end of a long craft stick. Put florist's foam in a mini basket and then arrange all the "flowers" into a beautiful bouquet.

  • No Time? Quick & Simple Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

    Instead, maybe tackling these projects would only add to your stress and you need simple bridesmaid gift ideas...and fast! Here are some that take a lot less time and still communicate how glad and thankful you are:

  • Pick out for each bridesmaid a unique and beautiful jewelry box or cosmetic bag.

  • Order engraved compact mirrors with the wedding date or a special message from you.

  • Find quality makeup brush sets and tie each set together with a pretty ribbon like a bouquet.

  • For a group of girls that knows how to hold their own, find pink Swiss Army knives.

  • Take luxurious terry cloth spa robes to an embroidery shop and have them monogrammed.

  • Go to the bookstore and find each friend a magazine that fits their interests. Pull the subscription cards out and send each one in. Give the magazines the morning of the wedding to help pass the waiting times and let them know they will be getting their magazine in the mail for a whole year.

  • Give each girl a gift certificate for a good carwash or detailing shop.

  • Order tickets to an upcoming event you can all attend together after your honeymoon.

  • No matter what gift you give, one of the nicest things you can put with whatever gifts you select is a handwritten letter to each bridesmaid telling her what she means to you, what special memory you have of your friendship and giving your heartfelt thanks. This may be what she remembers most of all!

    This article was written by Melanie Farkas. Click here to see some of her other great gifts for women.

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