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Freezer Paper Stenciling: A Hip Bridesmaid Gift Idea to Make Yourself

This bridesmaid gift idea is so much fun to make that I'm addicted! I can't stop! So much fun that you'll likely expand beyond bridesmaid can make gifts for everyone you know using this simple technique. For bridesmaids, these stencil designs will work great on tee-shirts, tote bags, throw pillows...really any fabric that you can iron. bridesmaid gift materials

Freezer Paper Stencil Bridesmaid Gifts Materials:

  • Freezer Paper - make sure it is freezer paper, not wax paper, it must have wax only one side! I found it next to the plastic wrap & tin foil.
  • X-Acto Knife - curved blades work well for round edges, but any standard blade will work fine
  • Fabric Paint & Brush - Any brand will do, but I like Tulip Brand Soft fabric paint because it doesn't bleed but has no texture either.
  • Cutting Mat - A self-healing cutting mat is great, but you could also use cardboard underneath.
  • Tape
  • Iron
  • Printer
  • Shirt/Tote Bag, Etc - Pick something to put the stencil on! Anything fabric that you can iron will work. A smooth/flat texture of the fabric will give you the cleanest edges. Cotton teeshirt = good while fuzzy fleece = bad.

bridesmaid gift ideaFirst, you have to pick your stencil design! Anything from simple monogram initials to famous people! Create your own or use one of the many designs available online. Some cool ones are available for free from This Stencil Site and there is a huge selection. You can also draw directly onto the freezer paper and not print.

I found the best results by printing directly onto the non-shiny side of the freezer paper. Cut out the freezer paper in the size of normal letter paper and feed it to your printer one sheet at a time. You can also print on regular paper and just tape it on top of the freezer paper when you cut it out. bridesmaid gift stencil Tape your design down (shiny side down) on your cutting mat and use the exacto to cut out all the black. Anything that is printed gets cut out. Carefully cut out "islands" such as the center of the "D" and set it aside. You'll need to set it back in place before you paint!

iron on stencilOnce finished remove the stencil from the cutting mat. Make sure ALL the tape is removed or you will have a melty mess on your iron! Place stencil on the bridesmaid gift you want stenciled, shiny wax side down. Iron! Just a few presses with a very hot iron will make the wax stick to the fabric, creating a perfect seal. Now place the "islands" where they go and iron those on as well.

paint on stencil Next, paint over the stencil. A light coating will do. Don't water down your paint or use too much, you don't want it to bleed. Just a coating on the surface. For best results, let dry completely overnight. You can just wait a few hours for it to dry and then remove it, but you are much, much more likely to get bleeds this way. I've had much better luck waiting overnight!

instructions bridesmaid Next day...carefully remove the stencil! Use a tweezers to remove any tiny "islands" on the design. All done! Follow instructions for your fabric paint, but I've washed and dried my designs and they are holding up nicely after several washes still.

Your bridesmaids will likely be so impressed with your cool bridesmaid gift idea that they might want you to share your secrets. This could be a fun crafty project to do together while sharing a bottle of wine. Cheers!

Few more examples because I can't stop making these...Woody Allen, Elvis Costello on a baby onsie & a guitar!
do it yourself bridesmaid giftfreezer paper bridesmaid gift unique bridesmaid gift

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