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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Special Holiday Issue -- Reader Tips
December 07, 2006

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • Reader Tips...and MORE Reader Tips!

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Reader Tips...and More Reader Tips!

For our spcial holiday issue this year we decided to give you what you want the most! Reader Tips! Our most popular feature of our newsletter, we've saved up some of the best reader tips for this issue. Perhaps this will be a holiday tradition. Enjoy!

Reader bridal shower tip sent in by Sarah J:

At my bridal shower the hosts had everyone fill out index cards with advice, stories, jokes or words of wisdom. We took turns reading them and afterwards they made a keepsake book with them and photos from the day. It is a handmade wedding gift I'll always treasure.

--Sounds lovely, Sarah, thanks for sharing!

Reader holiday plate charger tip sent in by Ethel:

get a large paper doilie..available at most craft stores and paper warehouse..leave white if using a colored table cloth,,or paint..any color, add glitter if you like..paint with chrome spray paint..whatever tickles your fancy and walla...super charger for your plates..I painted mine Pumpkin for T Day. Will paint them bright yellow then respray with gold..add a little spray on glitter..xmas end..have a great day! oh forgot CHEAP

--Great thrifty idea, Ethel, thanks for sharing! What an excellent way to dress up a table with little cost.

Reader flower alternative, jewelry & online dress ordering tips by Vera:

For my small budget wedding I have opted for non-traditional arrangements and I'm using feathers instead of flowers to cut down on the budget. I am having an art deco- style wedding and I am using peacock feathers for my centerpeices as the tail design is represented in much of the art deco syle. I am also creating peacock feather fans for my bridesmaids instead of having them hold flowers. The fan idea is helpful for a summer wedding, like mine. I also opted to make the girl's jewelry myself out of fresh water torquoise colored pearls. Ebay is a great place to look for cheap beading materials. There are so many options.

My one faux pas was ording my dress online without trying it on first in a store. The dress came and the material was so cheap and hot that I am now stuck with a dress I can't wear.

--Wow, what great ideas, Vera! So sorry about your online dress ordering. Your warning about online dress ordering is very important. Take Vera's advice and try on your dress in an actual store before purchasing. Even if you find a better price online, find a store that carries it and see it in person before ordering online.

Reader "rice toss" tip sent in by Jolie:

We used birdseed for our "rice toss" because the church suggested it instead of rice. However when people threw the seeds pidgeons swarmed around everyone and we were afraid of getting pooped on. Not sure if any of the guests did, but it is something to keep in mind since it is kind of gross.

--Ha ha, Jolie, thanks for sharing...didn't even think of that! Glad you didn't get hit!

Reader kids reception tip sent in by C:

We have a lot of kids under 7 in our family and they were invited to our wedidng so we set up a special kids activity table at our reception. It was out of the way in a corner and stocked with art supplies and toys. The kids hung out at this table all night and had a good time. They were kept busy so the adults could have fun too.

--Excellent idea, C! Sounds like a great way to keep them occupied.

Reader hotel bag tip sent in by Gracie:

We had a destination wedding in Los Angeles so all the guests were from out of town. In our hotel welcome bags we stocked them with things they'd use in LA. We put in disposable cameras, mini bottle of sunscreen, goofy sunglasses, water bottles and maps.

--Thanks, Gracie, always nice to tailor your hotel bags (and wedding favors) to the location. Sounds like fun!

Reader tip sent in by L. Olsen:

I wanted my colors to be blue and white in March but there weren't many blue flowers in season then and we were trying to cut costs. So I just used white flowers and put blue food coloring in the clear vases for my tables.

--Great idea! Some flowers will even "suck up" the color of the water. Even if they don't, blue water with white flowers on top sounds beautiful. Great money saving tip!

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