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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #011 -- Reader Tip: More Bang For Your Buck Centerpieces
May 22, 2006

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - New Articles
  • Reader Tip: More Bang For Your Buck Wedding Centerpieces
  • Question From My Email Bag: Ceramic Platter Guest Books

What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings

Nope, you didn't miss a newsletter! We've skipped last month's mailing because we've been busy launching a second wedding website--but more on that later, too early to spread the news! Here is a great new article (with centerpiece photos) you'll want to check out:

Stunning Dried Flower Centerpieces
Want to do your own flowers but are afraid it is too much work? Dried flowers are ideal because they can be put together well in advance. Photos of dried flower wedding centerpiece ideas, tips on where to get dried flowers and more!

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Reader Tip: More Bang for your Buck Wedding Centerpieces

The following reader tip was sent in by Theresa L.:

"If you want to save money on flowers, choose a vase that becomes part of the design. With an interesting vase you'll need fewer flowers to make the centerpiece really pop."

Thanks for the tip, Theresa! As an example of this, here is an arrangement of blue orchids (purchased for just $4.99 at Whole Foods Market) placed in a matching blue glass vase. The whole flowers plus the vase are all the same blue color, which creates the illusion of a much larger more substantial centerpiece!

Question From My Email Bag: Ceramic Guest Book Platter

In last month's issue we linked to one of our new articles on

Alternative Guest Book Ideas which mentioned Ceramic Platters for guests to sign.

A reader named Laurie wrote in to clarify:

"I would like to have a signature platter for my guest's to sign, but I am disturbed at how expensive it is to simply buy the plate! I know I can get ceramic pens at a local craft store, but is there anything special about the plates...besides that they need to be oven safe?"

Yes, any ceramic platter/plate will do, as long as it is oven safe. Any oven safe glass plates will work too.

Most ceramic and glass markers work best on glazed ceramics (not unglazed terracotta) but some will work on an unglazed terracotta as well--read the marker packaging if you plan to use unglazed terracotta.

So skip the expensive "Guest Book Platter" kits available on the market and find yourself a cheap ceramic platter! Bed, Bath & Beyond & Ikea both have large plain white ones that would work great. Links to where to purchase the ceramic pens are in the above article!

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