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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #009 -- Do It Yourself Wedding Disaster Story From A Reader
February 03, 2006

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - New Articles
  • Featured Article: Do It Yourself Wedding Disaster Story From One of Our Readers

What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings

Several great new articles for you to enjoy this month! Lots of fall focused articles for those of you planning your fall wedding. Don't miss our featured article below...learn what to avoid from one reader's disaster.

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Everybody loves photos! Here are photos of several flowers that are in season in fall. Plan to use in season flowers for a bundle of savings.

Fall Wedding Centerpiece Photos From a DIY Wedding
Here are some lovely photos of fall centerpieces from a reader's wedding reception. They did it themselves, and so can you!

Wedding Canopy Instructions: Perfect for Outdoor Fall Weddings
Complete DIY wedding canopy instructions plus many photos! This canopy is perfect for an outdoor fall wedding and the decorations can be changed to suit any season.

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Featured Article: A Do It Yourself Wedding Disaster Story--One Reader's Tale

The following story was sent in by one of our readers. Read up and learn what not to do!

My wedding was November 5th, 2005. My fiance and I were paying for the wedding ourselves so we wanted to save as much money as possible and planned to do as much as we could by hand. We did our own favors and invitations and programs and these things turned out great. However, there is a lot I would do differently if I had to do it all over again. Not sure if you are interested in posting my story on your site or not, but I think it would be helpful for brides to know what might go wrong.

The first thing that went wrong was the flowers. We were going to do our own flowers because we really didn't have much to decorate. All we needed were flowers for my bouquet and flowers for the buffet table arrangements. The tables luckily had just candles. We planned on going to the flower mart early the morning of the wedding (I wouldn't do this again!) and planned on getting any flowers that were blue to match the rest of the decorations.

Imagine my surprise when there wasn't many blue flowers for sale! I really should have planned for this better and based my colors on flowers that are always available in November. We ended up paying a TON for blue dyed orchids and supplementing with white flowers. This wasn't at all what I envisioned but it turned out okay with the last minute help of my aunt.

While I was out searching for flowers my fiance and two of my friends were supposed to be decorating the receptioin hall and setting up tables. When I got there though, almost nothing was done because they weren't clear on what I wanted. I admit I may not have been crystal clear with the set-up and I wish I would have set up one table completely so they would have something to go on. By this time I was so stressed out I simply told them to "figure something out" because I had to get ready.

The next thing that went wrong was the weather. We planned to have the ceremony outdoors but it ended up raining. We ended up having the ceremony inside the reception hall which turned out okay, but meant that we had to push the tables to the side of the room and then rearrange them after the ceremony with everyone standing around. People helped out but it looked cluttered and unorganized. I would definately plan on a tent if I could go back in time.

We had the food catered (thank goodness!) but we were in charge of our own alcohol. The beer bottles we bought were not twist caps and we soon realized that we didn't have a bottle opener. Or a wine opener. Oops! This was very embarrassing but luckily my uncle had a bottle opener on his key chain and the caterers scrambled to find a wine opener for us. Phew.

The only other thing that went wrong was the timing. I sort of had my own vision of what would happen when, but once I was caught up in the reception and talking to everyone I really didn't have time to think about this. Several hours went by before my dad asked me if there would be any speeches. The speeches ended up interrupting the dancing and it was pretty ackward.

If I had to do all of this again I would have assigned people specific tasks and been more clear about it. The way I approached it was that I simply told everybody they would help with everything. This caused everybody to not know what to do exactly and everyone thought someone else was taking care of it. I would have typed out a timeline and given it to someone to handle so I wouldn't have to think about it.

I guess this isn't truly a do it yourself wedding disaster story since everything turned out okay in the end. I did spend most of the night stressing about stuff. I worried that it looked so unprofessional and tacky, especially not having a wine opener (although my MIL blamed it on the caterers to save face for us) or a bottle opener. So brides be warned! Be prepared and enlist the help of others. When you think you've thought of everything you probably still haven't so have someone else help you.

Heather Wiles, New York, NY

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