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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #007 -- "Tis the Season For Wedding Bargains!
December 21, 2005

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - New Articles
  • Featured Article: ‘Tis the Season For Do It Yourself Wedding Bargains!

What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings

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Featured Article: ‘Tis the Season For Do It Yourself Wedding Bargains!

This is my favorite time of year to plan a do it yourself wedding. Why you ask? Because after the holiday bargains translate nicely to do it yourself wedding bargains!

As I’m sure you know, stores mark down left over merchandise right after Christmas, especially holiday merchandise. The beauty of marked down holiday merchandise is that a TON of it can be used for your wedding crafts and wedding decorations—no matter the time of year of your wedding.

I’m not talking about wedding decorations embellished with Santa and his reindeer; I’m talking about gorgeous items that will be beautiful even in July. Solid colored items in red, dark green, silver, gold, crystal and metallic blue are everywhere during the holiday season…and chances are at least one of these will work with your color scheme. Even if your color scheme is hot pink you could still use silver votive candleholders, for example.

Of course your options are even wider if you are having a holiday or winter wedding next year. Now is the perfect time to purchase snowflake themed items, silver garland and white mini-lights for your winter wonderland themed wedding next year. Get yourself to the stores!

Last year I found a ton of do it yourself wedding bargains. I purchased silver votive candleholders, many assorted candles, dark red taper candles and tiny white stringing lights for 75% off. These were all used in weddings I coordinated throughout the rest of the year. I also saw cheap discounted napkin holders, vases and serving platters that would be perfect in a wedding as most were either silver or gold. It is a great time to find discounted centerpiece vases, too.

Last Tuesday I was in my local 99 cents store and saw that they had several wedding items. Lovely sets of pewter chairs that work as place card holders, place card holder frames, cake shaped candles and more! All these for just 99 cents. Their stock changes all the time, but now is the time to hunt for these time of wedding bargains!

If your wedding is far off and you aren’t even quite certain what colors you’ll choose you can always stick with silver or gold items as accent pieces. Silver especially seems to work with any color scheme you can imagine as it will at least match the silverware on your tables.

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe holiday season filled with excellent do it yourself wedding bargains!

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