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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #00 -- Trends in Winter Wedding Colors
October 30, 2005

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - Search - New Articles
  • Featured Article: Trends in Winter Wedding Colors
  • Handy Wedding Planning Website

What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings

Search - We’ve finally added a much needed search feature to our site. Now you can find exactly what you are looking for with a quick search. If you do a search and don’t get any results, then you’ve probably come up with a topic that we need to add! Please let us know what information you’d like to find.

New Articles - Some great articles and projects have been added just in the last two weeks!

Three plate charger projects have been added plus lots of tips. What is a wedding charger? It is a decorative plate that goes under your dinner plate, or is used underneath your centerpieces. The Fall Leaves Plate Charger is perfect for fall weddings, The Glass Marble Charger is beautiful in winter and the Wine Cork Charger would be exceptional for a wine themed wedding.

Because of many requests for crafts for Jewish weddings, we’ve added a few Jewish weddings articles:

Breaking of the Glass
Why does the groom step on a glass at the end of a Jewish wedding? Plus, some quick tips on finding a glass for cheap and DIY custom fabric pouches.

Build It Yourself Chuppah Instructions
Not just for Jewish brides, these chuppah (or wedding canopy) instructions are easy to follow with great results. Includes step by step pictures!

Chuppah Cover Ideas
Do you know the rules about chuppahs? Tips and ideas on how to choose or create a meaningful chuppah cover.

Featured Article: Trends in Winter Wedding Colors

Winter is right around the corner again and there are some clear trends in winter wedding colors this year.

For the more unusual, brown has had a rise in popularity this last year as a wedding color choice for each season. Generally thought of as a fall wedding color choice, brown is making its way into winter weddings when paired with deep reds, deep purples and especially dark forest green.

The classic winter wedding color choice has always been deep red. Always a classic and always beautiful paired with an abundance of red roses or red poinsettias.

Monochromatic is making a comeback in winter wedding colors, brides are pairing green with…green. Pairing red with…red. There is no rule that you must choose more than one color. You can stick with one color only, although it is best to still use different tones of the same color, otherwise dresses and flowers will blend too much or clash. A December bride that I’m consulting has chosen deep purple bridesmaid dresses with lighter purple bouquets, light and dark purple centerpiece flowers, and very light lavender linens. It is purple all around, but the varying tones make it interesting.

The metallics are another obvious choice for winter. Gold is festive, rich and regal while silver hints towards icicles and snow. Brides this winter season seem to be either pairing metallics with very deep, rich colors, such as gold with wine, or pairing them with very light colors for a snowy effect, such as light ice blue with silver.

The rainbow was a popular choice back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s (mostly with pastels) but we are seeing this again this winter. Brides are having bridesmaids each wear a completely different color version of the same dress. A really fun choice for the bridesmaids if they get to pick their own color!

For those of you in the early stages of planning, especially if you are planning a winter wedding for next year, take all the trends with a grain of salt. Trends come and go, but picking colors you love lasts forever.

POLL: If you are a winter bride this year, tell us what colors will be featured in your wedding, we’d love to know!

Handy Wedding Planning Site

This issue’s handy wedding planning site is That’s The Spirit where they have a handy drink calculator that helps you figure out how much alcohol to purchase and what your total will be.

I suggest always getting more than any calculator tells you to purchase though, especially beer and wine. Some liquor stores will accept returns of wine and beer if you are ordering in large quantities. Otherwise you can do what most do and just have a nice little stock of alcohol after the wedding if you end up with extra. Cheers!

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