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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #030 -- Wedding Under $3000
August 28, 2008

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - New Articles
  • A Wedding Under $3000? You bet!

New Articles:

I love candy. I love candy tables at wedding too! If you haven't run into this idea yet, it is have a table set up with bulk candies and guests can pick and choose and put their candy into bags or containers to take home. It is one part fun and one part wedding favor. This guest article Wedding Candy Table Tips has some great tips on containers and buying in bulk.

Wedding Limos
Some great things to consider, questions to ask when hiring a limo company. This guest article was written by the owner of a limo pay attention! Lots of things I've never thought of and some fun ideas too.

Dogs In Weddings
Have a dog? Will your dog be part of your wedding? The beauty of many "diy style" weddings is that if you want your dog to be a can! This article has some things to consider and tips for what your doggie might want to wear. A doggie tuxedo? Adorable! ...and pretty hilarious too.

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A DIY Wedding Under $3000

Mary wrote in with her own DIY wedding story and it is really inspirational that she pulled it off for so cheap. Talk about saving money! Here is what she wrote:

"My husband and I married in April, 2000. From start to finish, the whole wedding cost less than $3,000.00. How did we do it?

One, I bought my dress at a thrift store. Many thrift stores have lovely wedding dresses that can no longer fit in crowded closets. Mine cost $35, but retail, it was nearly $1,000. A pretty good deal.

Two, a friend did all of the decorations. This was her wedding gift to me. She did the centerpieces, the backdrop and my bouquet. It was lovely. And didn't cost me a dime.

Three, I made my bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Luckily, I love to sew. If you don't, you can always ask that this be a gift to you for your wedding. Not only is it easier to find the colors you want, but the fit of each dress is better on the women in your party.

Four, we didn't ask for wedding presents. Instead, we asked for guests to bring a dish for the reception buffet in lieu of gifts. In our case, we were already facing the task of blending two complete households. We didn't need more stuff! This saved having to hire catering. Those guests coming from out of town either brought non-perishables (plates, napkins, etc.) or gave us money for food to fill any gaps in the buffet.

Five, and finally, we didn't hire a photographer. Instead, we asked guests and family to bring their cameras, with the agreement that they would give us copies of the pictures on disk. We also handed out disposable cameras to the children in attendance. We got great candid pictures from them, too.

Our wedding was in a rented hall and we had a DJ. Everyone who attended remarked on how nice it was. Eight years later, I still love looking at our pictures." -Mary

Thanks Mary! PS - You can check out her website:

Career Tools HQ where she offers job and career advice.

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