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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #003 -- Using Photos As Wedding Decorations
October 14, 2005

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - RSS Feed - New Articles
  • Featured Article: Using Photos as Wedding Decorations
  • After the Wedding Tip: What to do with all those photos?

What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings

RSS Feed - For those of you who use RSS and newsfeeds, we're thrilled to announce a new way for you to keep up with the newest tips and articles at Do It Yourself Weddings. Our site now has its own RSS feed, so you can add it to your newsreader / aggregator.

At the bottom of the left-hand column on the Do It Yourself Weddings site, you'll see the colorful links for RSS/XML, "Add to My Yahoo" and "Add to My MSN".

New Articles - We've got plenty of brand new articles this month for you to browse.

Considering doing your own wedding hair? Don't miss the Do's & Don'ts of DIY Wedding Hair article on not to miss tips and advice. If you are still in the deciding stage and need photo ideas of what do do with your hair, check out our Pictures of Wedding Hair resources page for some excellent galleries of wedding hair and bridal updos.

Planning on dancing the night away on your wedding? Crazy about shoes? We've got four hot new wedding shoe articles on nothing other than bridal shoes! Includes tips on saving money on finding them, decorating plain shoes, shoes for comfort and more. My favorite article is the one on decorating plain wedding shoes because it includes photos and is just one of those great "why didn't I think of that" easy ideas.

Featured Article: Using Photos as Wedding Decorations

You can’t get any more personalized than using photos as your wedding decorations. If unique and meaningful is what you are looking for…then read on! Special Warning: Some of these wedding photo decoration ideas have been known to make guests cry. It is that beautiful.

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas Using Photos

  • Photo Retrospective - Somewhere at the wedding or reception location, put up a “through the years” look at the two of you. This could mean using photos of you together through your relationship, or you could even use child photos of both of you. Pick one from when you were five and when he was five, and so on. These would be great hung on a wall or displayed on a table. Or consider doing it as part of your do it yourself wedding programs or on your reception tables.
  • Family Wedding Photos - Collect wedding photos from family members on both sides. Display these all clustered together, on the wall or a few on each table at the reception. This may not be the best option for you if most members of your family are divorced, in which case you can simply use old photographs of them. We had a display table of family wedding photos and childhood photos of everyone else. We turned all the photos black and white and framed them in antique looking silver frames and scattered them among tea light candles. The best part was that nobody knew we were doing it. We sneakily nabbed photos (with help from our mom’s) and copied them. It was a major tearfest when family members saw this display and it was tons of fun for guests to guess who was who.
  • Photo Confetti - You can have photo confetti (large paper circle confetti) made with your own custom photos. This can be scattered on the reception tables, on a buffet table or on a guest book table. You can also make your own “photo confetti” by photo copying your selected photos, then cutting them out in circles and then setting several circles on a page and then photocopying again.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are a number of ways you can decorate with photos for a very personalized effect. Have fun!

After the Wedding Tip: What to do with all those photos?

Speaking of photos, after you get your wedding photos back, how do you deal with the numerous requests of people to see them and pick some out? Have a wedding photo party where you’ll share your photos all at once with close family and friends! People can bring their own favorite photos to share from their own cameras and watch your wedding video or dvd if you had one done. This is a nice get-together several weeks after the wedding to remember what fun you had at your celebration. Plus, if people want to order copies of any particular photos, you can get it done in one day.

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