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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #028 -- First Comes Marriage, Then Comes...
April 10, 2008

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - New Articles
  • Personalized Wedding Stamp Review
  • Meet the Los Angeles Wedding Photographer: Deirdre Ryan
  • Reader Tip: Thrift Store Glass Vases

First Comes Marriage, Then Comes...

This newsletter is LONG overdue! What is my excuse? Well, remember a while back when I mentioned working on another website? Remember I joked about people telling me to start a "Do It Yourself BABY" site? It finally launched!

First comes marriage, then comes baby! (Well, for me it worked this way, I know sometimes the baby comes first...or never)

Anyway, the new site is all DIY baby stuff. Patterns and tutorials for baby clothes, hats, toys, baby carriers, everything! If you have a wee one now or if there is that glimmer in your eye for the future, check out Make Baby and bookmark the site for future reference.

I'm thinking that a lot of you crafty DIY wedding planners will likely turn into DIY baby crafters, so come on back down the road when/if you reach that point in your life.

Okay, but back to weddings...
Here are some new articles:

Personalized Wedding Stamp Review
I was recently asked to review this personalized wedding stamp. While I don't usually agree to do reviews I was curious about this one and thought it might be handy for DIY planners. I love it! Check out the full review for details.

Meet the Los Angeles Wedding Photographer
Los Angeles wedding photographer, Deirdre Ryan gives us her hints and tips from an insiders perspective on wedding photography!

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Reader Tip: Thrift Store Glass Vases

Emilie Kern wrote in with this great reader tip:

I liked your idea about going to thrift or discount stores and buying drinking glasses for a centerpiece arrangement so I dragged myself to Goodwill. I have never been there before and now I'm addicted. We found 30 glasses in assorted sizes that we are going to use in an arrangement on our tables with a single gerbera daisy in each. We found a lot of vintage ones that are very interesting and look crystal. Total cost was $15 which is less than buying just one regular vase. When we are done with them we'll probably keep a few of the interesting ones and the rest will be donated back to the store.

Thanks Emilie for writing in and sharing what you are doing! Sounds very simple and cute and wow, what a steal.

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