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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #024 -- Reader Tips Galore!
September 24, 2007

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - New Articles
  • Reader Tips: Hotel bags, favors and more!

What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings

Here are some new articles:

Wedding Cupcake Towers
If you are considering doing your own cake, cupcake tower cakes are a really safe bet for a novice baker! Here are decoration tips, assembly instructions and tranport hints by guest author, (and newlywed herself, congrats!) Theresa Happe.

Quick & Speedy Thank You Notes Great, easy guide to thank you notes...perhaps the most dreaded part of the wedding couple's duties. But it shouldn't be! Check out this article and learn to enjoy the process.

How To Write a Wedding Thank You Note
Guest author, Kathy Milano, brings us her in-depth note writing wisdom. Don't delay and procrastinate those thank you notes after your wedding! Use her 6 easy steps and knock 'em out fast!

Orchid Centerpiece Guide
Orchid wedding centerpiece tips and ideas from a wholesaler in Hawaii! These people know their orchids!

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Reader Tips...and MORE Reader Tips!

In our last newsletter I asked brides to come back after their summer and fall weddings and give us their quite a few tips! Here are a few great ones:

June (a mom helping plan her daughter's wedding) wrote in: "A great idea of which we were the recipients .. a motel gift bag. It was a simple brown bag and included 2 bottles of water, home made cookies, a couple pieces of rasin bar, and a few bite size candy bars. (The cookies and rasin bar were in zip lock bags to keep them fresh.) On the bag the mother of the groom had written, "Thank you for sharing in our special day" and then signed it. They had labels to help the motel crew identify the guests and the rooms they were staying. (Pumphrey, Room 316, and the date) The grooms mother said she had recieved a much more elaborate gift in a basket, purchased food items, etc. but the thing she appreciated most after a day of travel was the water. She was able to work with the motel as to who had made reservations so she knew how many bags were needed."

Great point about the water, June! I recently stayed at a hotel too and I too was most thankful for the bottled water that the bride had waiting.

Hannah wrote in with this idea:

"I have an idea you could add: I heard of a couple who had a little table with a polaroid camera and a spiral bound album on it at the reception. Guests were invited to take a picture of themselves, stick it straight into the album and write a personalised message. I'm going to do this at my wedding. Such a lovely idea!"

This IS a lovely idea and I've seen this at a wedding recently. So much fun! You can either go with a traditional poloraid camera or the pocket sized I-Zone (or other similar brand camera) that prints right onto a postage stamp sized sticker...perfect for a guest book!

Becki wrote in today with this fall wedding favor idea:

"For my October wedding, I am giving out a baby pumpkin to each guest as a favor, with their name on it. Then, I am putting out cups with Sharpies and other little decorations (pipe cleaners, etc) on each table, so people can decorate their own pumpkin and take it home. It will be a fun memento and activity during the reception."

That sounds like so much fun, I'd love to be a guest at a wedding where the guests are given something crafty to do while they sit and talk during the reception. Great idea and congrats on your wedding!

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