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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #002 -- Do It Yourself Ideas: Spray Paint is Your Friend
September 30, 2005

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • A Do It Yourself Idea: Spray Paint is Your Friend

  • Why You Shouldn't Feel Safe Without Safety Pins

  • Cool Wedding Related Website

A Do It Yourself Idea: Spray Paint is Your Friend

Donít ever underestimate the power of spray paint in your do it yourself wedding projects. A single spray-can of metallic silver (or metallic gold) spray paint will transform a bunch of ordinary found objects into beautiful decorations. Metallic silver spray paint comes in a chrome finish which is very shiny (I recommend this type) and also a more matte pewter finish which looks more dull when sprayed on.

A great cheap do it yourself wedding centerpiece idea is to purchase several mismatched vases from a thrift store. Select them in all shapes and sizes and colorsóthe more variety the better! Spray them all with metallic silver spray paint and voila they now match like a set. They will look like expensive heavy metal vases that cost a fortune! You can then group a few vases at each table and fill with flowers of your choice.

Another wedding centerpiece idea is to spray leaves with silver spray paint and scatter them on the tables. Or spray interesting twigs and branches and display them in vases. The branches, twigs and leaves are all things that will be free and you wonít need to worry about things like the freshness of flowers so you can do this way in advance. Your cost is simply the spray paint!

Remember making those tissue paper flowers in elementary school? You can bunch up tissue paper and lightly spray it with silver spray paint to create beautiful artsy flowers that can also be used as decoration or as a wedding centerpiece. Creating wire stems for your tissue paper flowers is easy too, and you can attach your flowers anywhere with the bendable wire stem. Put them in your hair, your bridesmaidís hair, on pews, on chairs, on a chuppah, on the corners of tables or make garlands of them and hang on the walls.

My last idea is a really, really good one for silver spray paint and can save you a chunk of money. Donít want to spend tons of money on ugly bridal shoes that you will never, ever wear again? Buy a cheap pair in any color and spray paint them metallic silver. Or better yet, spray paint a pair that you already own. This works! You have to be careful not to overspray, if you get too much paint on too fast you run the risk of having it pool up and look runny. Spray just a little at a time, a good 10-14 inches from the shoes. I tested this on a pair of fake leather heels that Iíve had forever, and they look great. The paint will eventually get scratches in it of course, but it doesnít flake off and will definitely last you through one long night of dancing!

Why You Shouldnít Feel Safe Without Safety Pins

I was a guest at a beautiful wedding last weekend and yet again my safety pin stash came in handy. This time it was needed by one of the bridesmaids. Apparently, she bent over to help the bride get her shoes on and one of her straps snapped. No, she wasnít wearing a cheapie bridesmaid dress, this can happen to anyone. Another bridesmaid ran out to the parking lot as guests were arriving to see if anyone had a sewing kit or pins, and lucky for them I had a few in my bag. Iím beginning to feel like a ďSafety Pin Superhero!Ē

I too was saved by safety pins at my own wedding. If your dress has a train, youíll likely have some sort of bustle in the back to tack it up so you arenít dragging it on the ground all night. Keep in mind that no bustle system is fool proof! While I was seated at my reception talking to family, another guest came up to my table to say hello. I rose up from my chair and unfortunately that guest was stepping on my dress. This incident not only left a full shoe print near the hem of my dress but the force ripped the bustle stitches right out and down came my train! Could you imagine if I had to deal with the train the rest of the night?

Cool Wedding Related Site is an excellent choice if you are thinking about doing your own flowers for your wedding. They ship fresh flowers directly to you and have bulk discount pricing. Be sure to check out the info on doing your own wedding flowers on their site, some great tips there! They also offer freeze dried rose petals which look beautiful scattered on tables or down the aisle.

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