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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #018 -- DIY Reception Card Box Ideas
January 11, 2007

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - New Articles
  • Featured Article: Reception Card Box Ideas
  • Question From My Email Bag: What to do with your dress after the wedding

What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings

Here are some new articles:

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Featured Article: Reception Card Box Ideas

Lots of weddings will have a card box at the reception for guests to put cards in. This is a way to keep them all accounted for and it also designates a gift/card table from other tables. A great item for you to DIY on the cheap!

First though...a couple of card box tips! Make SURE your card box is in full view or have someone designated to take care of it. I've heard one too many horror stories of cards (or entire card boxes) being stolen by waitstaff or wedding crashers. You can ask a friend to empty out the box at some point during the reception and transfer the cards to a safe place.

The most common DIY card box project is the simple wrapped cardboard box. Take a large cardboard box, cut a slit in the top and wrap the whole thing in wrapping paper. You could add a sign "cards" so it looks different than the other wrapped presents on the table. Variations on this idea include using unusual shaped boxes, like round hat boxes or covering them with beautiful fabrics. Ribbons, flowers and jewels can easily be added on with the help of your trusty glue gun.

If you want something a little different, birdcages as card boxes are all the rage right now. Scour thrift stores for a good one...although these are such common decorative items right now you can find them anywhere. I've seen them at Target!

Use an actual mailbox. Whether a whimsical one or a plain one painted white, a mailbox is a cute way to say "put your cards here" to your guests.

Think about containers in general and get creative. At a Spanish themed wedding I helped plan we found a giant ceramic vase for the cards to be dropped in. It matched the decor and was unusual. Or look for a hinged "treasure chest" type box if you have a beach wedding. You can also use an open container such as a basket or large bowl rather than a "box" for the cards.

Another idea I saw at a holiday wedding this year was a "card tree" where the guests clipped their cards on a pine tree with clothespins.

Make certain that you have an easy way to get the cards out and also that the slit you cut is large enough. 6 inches is a standard size.

Have fun...I'm seeing glue gun usuage in your future!

Reader Question: What to do With Dress

Recently married reader, Jamie Carson, wrote in to ask:

I just got married and am wondering if you have ideas for what I can do with my dress. I don't want to store it so I'd like to donate it or use it in some other way.

Good question, Jamie!

If you are thinking of donating and don't want to just drop your dress off at your local thrift store you can donate it to

Brides Against Breast Cancer which is an organization that offers brides new & used dresses for cheap...and the proceeds go to the charity. (Check out their events for those of you in search of a dress..some GREAT deals here and you'll be supporting a good cause!)

If donation is not your thing consider selling it! Brides have great luck with dresses on eBay and Craigslist. Be sure to specify any alterations that you had done since the gown may be a slightly different size now than what it is labeled. Sell it and then buy craft supplies! ha ha

Of course since most of us are crafty types we'll want to cut it apart and CRAFT with it! (Look for a new how-to articles on these in the near future!) Some quick ideas are to create pillows, a memory quilt, a keepsake quilt for your first child, infant clothing or sew a new dress/skirt for you and dye it another color then wear it on your first anniversary!

Sigh. I sheepishly admit that my own wedding dress currently hangs stuck in the back of my closet. I've been meaning to donate it or craft with it and I just haven't gotten around to making the decision. Soon, I promise, soon!

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