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Do It Yourself Weddings Guide, Issue #015 -- Preparing Fabric for Wedding Table Coverings
September 15, 2006

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Contents of this issue of Do It Yourself Weddings Guide

  • What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings - New Articles
  • Question from My Email Bag: Fabric Table Coverings
  • Reader Tip: Emergency Kit Essential

What's New at Do It Yourself Weddings

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Teeth Whitening for Your Wedding
Do you dream of having your teeth match your white dress? Teeth whitening methods reviewed! Read this is you've been thinking about whitening your teeth for your wedding.

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Question From My Email Bag: Fabric Table Coverings

A reader recently wrote in to ask:

We are borrowing a bunch of mismatched tables from family and friends for our reception so we need to cover them. I'd like to buy some cheap fabric from a fabric store but I don't sew. How do I prevent fraying edges?

You are in luck because there are a number of things you can try! You can buy pinking shears (the zig zag shears) to cut your fabric which will reduce fraying. You can spray the edge with a product called No Fray Spray which is a spray on adhesive too. If you are using very thick fabric you could even try folding the fabric over on the edge and use a glue gun but be sure to test this method as it could bleed through thin fabric and get messy.

However, I must caution that before you head to the fabric store call a few rental companies and get prices. You may find that renting fabric is cheaper than buying what you want. However if you buy you can always use the leftover fabric after the wedding for more crafts--or sell it!

Reader Tip: Must-Have Item for Your Emergency Kit

The following reader tip was sent in by Melissa H:

I kept having nightmares about spilling red wine on my dress so I put a few baby wipes in a ziplock bag in my emergency kit for my wedding day.

Great idea, Melissa! Baby wipes work great for stains as do the laundry detergent wipes that even come in individual packets. A great item for your emergency kit or even throw one in your purse if you will use one.

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