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CD Wedding Favors: Yay or Nay?

Some say they are great, others say they are tacky. They are illegal it worth it?

CD Wedding favors have become a hot topic on wedding message boards. People saying they are tacky and get thrown out, other people insisting that their guests loved their CD favors that they gave out. Most people are confused as to whether or not it is actually illegal to make and distribute them.

Okay, first things first, a CD wedding favor can be great. If the couple met at a guitar lesson, a CD of classical guitar songs might be the perfect favor. If the theme of the wedding is Hawaiian, a CD of island songs could be fun. Appropriate themes like these and clever packaging make CD favors a very attractive do it yourself favor.

Speaking of packaging, printable CD labels can be bought for cheap at office supply stores, as can jewel cases or other decorative and customizable CD sleeves. Read our Wedding CD Labels & Wedding CD Covers article for instructions on how to create personalized packaging. A photo of the two of you, your names and date...these are all elements that make the CD wedding favor seem like the perfect favor. But are they?

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to go the CD wedding favors route:

With just 50 different guests at your wedding, you'll have 50 different tastes in music. Even though you both love the songs you selected, they may not have wide appeal for most of your guests. Is Grandma Bertha going to like that Radiohead song you included? Wait, does Grandma Bertha even have a CD player? Not that you have to please everyone though, and if the songs you select are really a part of the two of you that people will "get" then by all means go for it!

It takes time to burn all those CDs. A. Lot. of. Time. Not to mention that you will want to check each one in case some of the CDs don't "take" as you know happens when you burn those darn things. You don't want any guests to get a bum CD!

Legal and ethical issues should be considered too. Yes, it technically is a copyright violation to burn CDs and distribute them even if you aren't getting money for them. Combine this knowledge with the fact that your names will likely be somewhere on the packaging, and there is permanent evidence who did it! Okay, so they music industry probably isn't going to crash your wedding and arrest you because of those CDs, but you might think about ethics since you are, in essence, stealing. If you have anyone in the music business coming to your wedding, skip the CDs, things like this are sensitive these days.

If I haven't scared you off of the idea by now, then CD wedding favors could be the right choice for you! For those of you who want other do it yourself wedding favor options, go back to the do it yourself wedding favors page.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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